May 26-27, 2018 // memorial day weekend
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  • Brenda Nicole Moorer

    Brenda Nicole Moorer

    Sunday, May 28 | 4:30pm | Next Gen Stage Brenda Nicole Moorer is a singer and songwriter hailing from Atlanta. She has been on the Atlanta music scene for... [READ MORE]

  • Charles Lloyd Sky Trio

    Charles Lloyd Sky Trio

    Saturday, May 27 | 9:00pm | Legends Stage At 78, when most individuals are thinking of ways to slow down and kick back, Charles Lloyd has shifted into... [READ MORE]

  • Cleveland P. Jones

    Cleveland P. Jones

    Sunday, May 28 | 3:45pm | Contemporary Stage Cleveland P. Jones is the true embodiment of soul and jazz and is always a class act. In a world where... [READ MORE]

  • Danii Roundtree

    Danii Roundtree

    Sunday, May 28 | 2:30pm | Next Gen Stage Danii Roundtree has been exposed to the arts for as long as she can remember. A self-proclaimed stage kid, Danii started... [READ MORE]

  • Darren English

    Darren English

    Sunday, May 28 | 3:00pm | Contemporary Stage South African born and raised trumpeter, Darren English, is the two-time recipient of the Fine Music Radio (FMR) Award, recipient of the... [READ MORE]

  • Deva Mahal

    Deva Mahal

    Saturday, May 27 | 4:30pm | Next Gen Stage A powerhouse vocalist and songwriter, Deva Mahal is the daughter of legendary blues musician, Taj Mahal, with whom she wrote the... [READ MORE]

  • Dwight Andrews

    Dwight Andrews

    Sunday, May 28 | 1:00pm | Legends Stage Musical theorist, composer and minister, the Reverend Dwight Douglas Andrews was born on September 24, 1951, in Detroit to city administrator James... [READ MORE]

  • Frank Houston

    Frank Houston

    Sunday, May 28 | 1:30pm | Contemporary Stage Musician and arranger Frank Houston Hayes works within the genres of jazz, R&B, soul, pop and hip-hop, among others. In his developing... [READ MORE]

  • Freddy Cole

    Freddy Cole

    Sunday, May 28 | 9:00pm | Legends Stage Freddy Cole is an American jazz singer and pianist, whose recording career has spanned more than 60 years. A resident of Atlanta... [READ MORE]

  • Harriet Tubman: The Band

    Harriet Tubman: The Band

    Saturday, May 27 | 2:30pm | Next Gen Stage Harriet Tubman formed in 1988 when drummer J.T. Lewis, guitarist Brandon Ross and bassist Melvin Gibbs came together. Harriet... [READ MORE]

  • Joe Jennings & Howard Nicholson’s Life Force

    Joe Jennings & Howard Nicholson’s Life Force Sunday, May 28 | 3:00pm | Legends Stage Life Force was organized in the early seventies by Joe Jennings and Howard Nicholson as an outlet... [READ MORE]

  • Julie Dexter & Jacob Deaton Duo featuring Rasheeda Ali

    Julie Dexter & Jacob Deaton Duo featuring Rasheeda Ali

    Julie Dexter & Jacob Deaton Duo featuring Rasheeda Ali Sunday, May 28 | 4:30pm | Contemporary Stage Julie Dexter is a world renowned, award winning, British singer, songwriter and producer, considered by... [READ MORE]

  • Kathleen Bertrand and Friends

    Kathleen Bertrand and Friends

    Sunday, May 28 | 5:00pm | Legends Stage Kathleen Bertrand and Friends includes, of course, Kathleen Bertrand, as well as Chandra Currelley, Robin Latimore, Rhonda Thomas, Laura Coyle, Toni... [READ MORE]

  • Kemba Cofield

    Kemba Cofield

    Sunday, May 28 | 2:15pm | Contemporary Stage Kemba Cofield captures the essence of every song she sings by painting a colorful portrait with each lyric, sharing a story that... [READ MORE]

  • KP The Great

    KP the Great

    Venue: Piedmont Park Pool at Greystone. Tickets $40 (FreshTix). 7-10pm. Date: May 25 Kawan “KP” Prather aka “KP The Great” has made a living making moments. The Atlanta native... [READ MORE]

  • The Miles Davis Electric Band Tribute All Star Jam with Lil’ John Roberts feat. Russell Gunn and Miles Davis band member Mino Cinelu

    Late Night Jazz Jam – Tribute to Miles Davis

    Late Night Jazz Jam // Tribute to Miles Davis with Lil’ John Roberts feat. Russell Gunn Mino Cinelu Venue: Piedmont Room at Park Tavern. Tickets $40 (FreshTix). Doors 10pm. Jam 11pm. Date: May... [READ MORE]

  • Little Tybee

    Little Tybee

    Saturday, May 27 | 12:30pm | Next Gen Stage Little Tybee is an Atlanta-based progressive psych-folk band. Formed in 2009 and composed of six members who have been playing together... [READ MORE]

  • Macy Gray

    Macy Gray

    Saturday, May 27 | 7:30pm | Contemporary Stage A gifted songwriter and dazzlingly singular singer, Macy Gray, has been overturning fan expectation and industry formula since kicking off her music... [READ MORE]

  • Mamaniji Azanyah & Mastery

    Mamaniji Azanyah & Mastery

    Mamaniji Azanyah & Mastery Sunday, May 28 | 5:15pm | Contemporary Stage Mamaniji Azanyah, a native of London, currently living in Atlanta, has an impetus for creative endeavor, regardless of discipline and... [READ MORE]

  • Marquis Hill

    Marquis Hill Blacktet

    Saturday, May 27 | 6:30pm | Next Gen Stage Marquis Hill, a 29-year-old trumpet and flugelhorn player, is widely recognized as one of the preeminent voices on the instrument... [READ MORE]

  • Mausiki Scales and the Common Ground Collective featuring Giwayen Mata

    Mausiki Scales and the Common Ground Collective featuring Giwayen Mata

    Sunday, May 28 | 7:30pm | Contemporary Stage Mausiki Scales has been a force in the Atlanta indie music scene for almost... [READ MORE]

  • Moonchild


    Saturday, May 27 | 1:30pm | Contemporary Stage With only a few albums under their belt, “Be Free” and “Please Rewind,” horn and reed players Andris Mattson, Max Bryk and Amber... [READ MORE]

  • Nichoals Payton

    Nicholas Payton

    Saturday, May 27 | 5:30pm | Contemporary Stage Nicholas Payton is widely considered one of the greatest artists of our time. Hailed as a virtuoso before he was even out... [READ MORE]

  • Nik West

    Nik West

    Saturday, May 27 | 3:30pm | Contemporary Stage Nik West is a 25-year-old electric bassist who clearly knows her way around her instrument and plays like she has been inspired... [READ MORE]

  • Randy Weston's African Rhythms Quintet

    Randy Weston’s African Rhythms Quintet

    Saturday, May 27 | 5:00pm | Legends Stage After contributing seven decades of musical direction and genius, Randy Weston remains one of the world’s foremost pianists and... [READ MORE]

  • Regina Carter

    Regina Carter

    Saturday, May 27 | 3:00pm | Legends Stage Sony Masterworks recording artist Regina Carter is the foremost jazz violinist of her generation. Her quest for beauty combined with her passion... [READ MORE]

  • Rene Marie and Experiment in Truth

    Reńe Marie and Experiment in Truth

    Saturday, May 27 | 7:00pm | Legends Stage In a span of two decades, 11 recordings and countless stage performances, vocalist Reńe Marie has cemented her... [READ MORE]

  • Rialto Jazz for Kids

    Rialto Jazz for Kids

    Sunday, May 28 | 12:30pm | Next Gen Stage Rialto Jazz for Kids (RYJO) allows metro-Atlanta’s best young musicians, between the ages of 13 and 18, to experience... [READ MORE]

  • Robert Glasper Experiment

    Robert Glasper Experiment

    Friday, May 26 | 9:00pm | Legends Stage Robert Glasper has long kept one foot planted firmly in jazz and the other in hip-hop and R&B. He has worked... [READ MORE]

  • Russell Gunn & African Drums meets Kebbi Williams' Wolf Pack

    Russell Gunn & African Drums meets Kebbi Williams’ Wolf Pack

    Russell Gunn & African Drums meets Kebbi Williams’ Wolf Pack Sunday, May 28 | 6:15pm | Contemporary Stage Russell Gunn was born in Chicago and raised in East St. Louis and is... [READ MORE]

  • Senri Oe

    Senri Oe

    Venue: Historic First Congregational Church, 105 Courtland St., Atlanta, GA 30303 (corner of Courtland and John Wesley Dobbs) International Jazz Day Concert. Date: April 30, 3 – 4 p.m. –... [READ MORE]

  • The Allan Harris Band

    The Allan Harris Band

    Saturday, May 27 | 1:00pm | Legends Stage The outstanding and internationally renowned vocalist, guitarist and composer, Allan Harris explains that there is nothing that he has found... [READ MORE]

  • The Joe Gransden Big Band with Audrey Shakir

    The Joe Gransden Big Band

    Sunday, May 28 | 7:00pm | Legends Stage Joe Gransden is the soul of live jazz and Big Band. Clint Eastwood has discovered his talent and describes... [READ MORE]

  • The Ojeda Penn Experience

    The Ojeda Penn Experience

    Sunday, May 28 | 8:00pm | Legends Stage Ojeda Penn is an accomplished jazz composer and pianist. His performances and past albums, “Happiness,” “All Is One” and “I... [READ MORE]

  • Pedrito Martinez Group

    The Pedrito Martinez Group

    Friday, May 26 | 7:00pm | Legends Stage The Pedrito Martinez Group, composed of four members, brings a fresh and new sound to Latin music. The quartet includes... [READ MORE]

  • Tivon Pennicott Quartet

    Tivon Pennicott Quartet

    Sunday, May 28 | 6:30pm | Next Gen Stage Tivon Pennicott was born in Marietta, Georgia in December of 1985. He began studying tenor saxophone in high school, garnering... [READ MORE]

  • Vincent Ingala

    Vincent Ingala

    One of the fastest emerging contemporary jazz recording artists in recent history, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer, Vincent Ingala, has blasted into an exciting stratosphere of his own making since his... [READ MORE]