May 26-27, 2018 // memorial day weekend
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KP The Great

KP the Great

Venue: Piedmont Park Pool at Greystone. Tickets $40 (FreshTix). 7-10pm. Date: May 25

Kawan “KP” Prather aka “KP The Great” has made a living making moments. The Atlanta native entered the music business as a DJ for the legendary Dungeon Family’s (DF) first rap group, Parental Advisory (PA). He then went on to A&R the platinum album of DF’s second act, OutKast, soon after becoming one of Antonio “L.A.” Reid’s first hit men at LaFace Records. KP flourished A&Ring OutKast’s double platinum sophomore LP, “ATLiens,” helping singer Pink find her musical identity, and working with legends like Usher, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson and Jermaine Dupri.


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