May 26-27, 2018 // memorial day weekend
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Saturday, May 27 | 1:30pm | Contemporary Stage

With only a few albums under their belt, “Be Free” and “Please Rewind,” horn and reed players Andris Mattson, Max Bryk and Amber Navran of the jazz and soul trio, Moonchild, have built a considerable following among both the neo-soul-hungover crowd and traditional jazz lovers who don’t mind the genre’s evolution. The band has lead singer Amber Navran to thank, whose voice whistles and whooshes in and out of the band’s soul claps, horn melodies and synth shades. An arresting voice like hers knows no boundaries and her bandmates Max and Andris create lush templates to adapt to any genre while still maintaining a jazz aesthetic. The end result is an infallible cross-breed of lush boom bap and soul power, aligning with Moonchild’s orbit.

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