May 26-27, 2018 // memorial day weekend
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Rene Marie and Experiment in TruthReńe Marie and Experiment in Truth

Saturday, May 27 | 7:00pm | Legends Stage

In a span of two decades, 11 recordings and countless stage performances, vocalist Reńe Marie has cemented her reputation as not only a singer, but also a composer, arranger, theatrical performer and teacher. Guided and tempered by powerful life lessons and rooted in jazz traditions laid down by Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington and other leading ladies of past generations, she borrows various elements of folk, R&B and even classical and country music to create a captivating hybrid style. Her body of work is musical, but it’s more than just music, it’s an exploration of the bright and dark corners of the human experience and an affirmation of the power of the human spirit.

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