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  • Karla Harris

    Sunday, Sept. 5 | 1 pm | Meadow Stage From velvety vulnerability to soul-tinged power, jazz vocalist Karla Harris brings sophisticated warmth and a dynamic delivery to the music, drawing listeners into... [READ MORE]

  • Isaiah Sharkey

    Monday, Sept. 6 | 1 pm | Meadow Stage A native Chicagoan, guitarist Isaiah Sharkey spent his early years living in Cabrini Green. Perhaps as a precursor to his future career, he... [READ MORE]

  • Ryan Kilgore

    Sunday, Sept. 5 | 3 pm | Meadow Stage A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Ryan Kilgore has been playing the soulful sounds of the saxophone since age 10. Being a fourth-generation... [READ MORE]

  • Laurin Talese

    Monday, Sept. 6 | 3 pm | Meadow Stage Naturally gifted, yet well studied, Laurin Talese has been captivating audiences with her voice since childhood. A Cleveland, Ohio native, she attended the... [READ MORE]

  • Jazzmeia Horn

    Sunday, Sept. 5 | 5 pm | Meadow Stage In the two years since Jazzmeia Horn bowed with her first album, the GRAMMY Award®-nominated A Social Call, she’s been busy on... [READ MORE]

  • Theo Croker

    Theo Croker

     BLK2LIFE || A FUTURE PAST Monday, Sept. 6 | 5 pm | Meadow Stage Theo Croker is a storyteller who speaks through his trumpet. A creative who refuses boundaries, the GRAMMY®️ Award-nominated artist,... [READ MORE]

  • Ron Carter

    Sunday, Sept. 5 | 7 pm | Meadow Stage Ron Carter is among the most original, prolific, and influential bassists in jazz history, with more than 2,200 albums to his credit,... [READ MORE]

  • Sean Jones

    Monday, Sept. 6 | 7 pm | Meadow Stage Music and spirituality have always been fully intertwined in the artistic vision of trumpeter, bandleader, composer, educator and activist Sean Jones. Singing and... [READ MORE]

  • Patti Austin

    Sunday, Sept. 5 | 9 pm | Meadow Stage A professional since the age of five, Patti Austin was a protégé of Dinah Washington and Sammy Davis, Jr. A 1969 single... [READ MORE]

  • Archie Shepp

    Monday, Sept. 6 | 9 pm | Meadow Stage Archie Shepp is a jazz saxophonist best known for his Afrocentric music of the late 1960s, a unique style of free-form avant-garde jazz... [READ MORE]

  • Pasquale Grasso

    Pasquale Grasso

    Sunday, Sept. 5 | 1:30 pm | Oak Hill Stage One of the most strikingly unique artists of his generation, Pasquale Grasso has undoubtedly changed the way the world views... [READ MORE]

  • Brenda Nicole Moorer

    Monday, Sept. 6 | 1:30 pm | Oak Hill Stage Vocalist and songwriter Brenda Nicole Moorer is southern bred, raised in a family with musical roots stretching back to the 60’s... [READ MORE]

  • Yuko Mabuchi

    Sunday, Sept. 5 | 3:30 pm | Oak Hill Stage “Since her arrival in the US, she has gained a reputation as a virtuoso pianist who also is extremely entertaining and... [READ MORE]

  • Logan Richardson

    Monday, Sept. 6 | 3:30 pm | Oak Hill Stage Known for his adventurous, genre-bending jazz, Logan Richardson is an American-born, Paris-based alto saxophonist. He has been a professional musician since he... [READ MORE]

  • Alexey Marti

    Sunday, Sept. 5 | 5:30 pm | Oak Hill Stage At the zealous age of 16 years old, the expressive Cuban-born percussionist, composer, and bandleader, Alexey Marti, began formal percussion studies... [READ MORE]

  • Irreversible Entanglements

    Monday, Sept. 6 | 5:30 pm | Oak Hill Stage Irreversible Entanglements is a Philadelphia/New York/DC-based free jazz collective consisting of poet/MC Camae Ayewa (aka Moor Mother), saxophonist Keir Neuringer, trumpeter Aquiles... [READ MORE]

  • Miguel Zenón

    Sunday, Sept. 5 | 7:30 pm | Oak Hill Stage Multiple GRAMMY Nominee and Guggenheim and MacArthur Fellow Miguel Zenón represents a select group of musicians who have masterfully balanced and... [READ MORE]

  • Mike Phillips

    Monday, Sept. 6 | 7:30 pm | Oak Hill Stage The emergence of saxophonist Mike Phillips marks the beginning of a new, exciting chapter in the jazz music scene. A rare combination... [READ MORE]