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Park Rules

The Atlanta Jazz Festival is a Class A Festival, which means there are a number of rules and ordinances in place to help keep us all safe in a large festival environment.


No Pets

We love our furfriends too, but we must all leave our dogs, cats, ponies, and mini-pigs at home, whether they are leashed or not. This applies to the festival footprint only; the Piedmont Park Dog Park will remain open as usual.

No Grilling

Grilling is prohibited in all areas of the park during the festival. We recognize this is a huge change from previous years. Piedmont Park will be back open to the public on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28, 2018, so that you may return to the park and enjoy the holiday and the grills with your loved ones.

No Soliciting/Passing Handbills

There can be no solicitation, passing of handbills/flyers, or any sales activities except with written permission.

No Glass Containers

While you are welcome to bring your own food and beverages, please be sure to transfer your items to a shatter-proof container, as glass containers are prohibited in parks.

No Smoking

The City of Atlanta passed an ordinance banning smoking in public parks. This includes, “inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying any lighted tobacco product including cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco.”

No Tent Staking

Tents cannot be staked into the ground in order to secure them. Sandbags are one safe alternative. Tent footprint may not exceed 10′ x 10′.

No Bicycles or Skates

Class A Festival ordinances also prohibit use of motorized vehicles, except for those required for ADA mobility and for use by emergency and festival personnel. No skateboard, roller-skate, bicycle, motorcycle, or moped riding is allowed during event times. The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition will have a FREE bike valet located in Piedmont Park on 10th Street near Park Tavern to safely store your bicycles during the festival.

No Audible Personal Radios or Instruments

No playing of portable radios, musical instruments or similar devices that are plainly audible to others in the park, unless part of event programming.

Protect Piedmont Park

Please place all litter in designated receptacles. There are waste and recycling bins located all over the park. Use them. Seriously. This is a polite reminder (and another city ordinance!)

Lost and Found

Lost and found (including children) is located at the Lost and Found Tent located next to the Media Check-in tent, to the right of the Meadow stage. The Lost & Found Tent is on the side of the Meadow Stage that faces the park entrance at 10th Street and Charles Allen Drive (stage left/house right.) See site map here.